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What you need to know about MCSA Certifications

About MCSA

When working in a dynamic and rapidly changing field like IT, you need to update you CV with relevant skills and certifications to help you remain relevant, upgrade and earn more.

The Microsoft Certification Program is a robust training program aimed at producing qualified technicians and administrators who understand and can interact with Microsoft’s application products and systems.

If you are in the IT field, these certifications add to your credibility increasing your chances of landing well-paying jobs. One such certification is the MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate).

What is MCSA?

MCSA is a certification offered by Microsoft to provide beginner IT specialists with specific skills and is a part of the Microsoft Certification Program (MCP). The program allows learners to select different paths depending on their interests. These paths include mobility, core infrastructure, productivity, data management and analytics, app builder and business applications.

IT specialists whose career would benefit by doing the MCSA course include cloud application administrators, network specialists and administrators, database developers, system administrators and engineers, and technical support specialists.


MCSA certification is ideal for beginners who are venturing into IT. To get the certification, you need to take an exam. The exam cost varies depending on location and provider with some going for $80 upwards. The certification lays the foundation upon which MCSE courses are built. MCSE certification is quite advanced and ideal for professionals who desire to develop skills in Microsoft servers.

MCSA jobs

After getting an MCSA certification you qualify for a number of jobs including

– Computer network specialist

– Computer support specialist

– Database developer

– Desktop support analyst

– IT cloud solutions consultant

– IT support analyst

– Linux system engineer

– Support specialist

– Systems engineer

– Technical support engineer

MCSA certified individual work as entry-level technicians. The jobs involve interacting Windows applications and operating systems. Others work primarily with Microsoft tool and apply them in areas such as visualization and creation of reports.

MCSA Certification Cost

The MCSA jobs you qualify to depend on the MCSA certification you choose. There are several including BI reporting, Cloud Platform, Data engineering, and Linux on Azure, machine learning, Microsoft dynamics 365, office 365, SQL 2016 BI development and Database administration, SQL 2016 Database development, Windows 10, windows server 2016, and web applications or MCSA 2012 vs MCSA 2016!

Different Naming:

MCSA Server 2012 (or MCSA 2012, MCSA windows server 2012)

MCSA Server 2016 (or MCSA 2016, MCSA windows server 2016)

MCSA SQL Server (Or MCSA sql)

For SQL 2016

MCSA sql server 2016 or MCSA sql 2016

MCSA web applications

MCSA salary

With an MCSA certification, you increase your income potential to earn more than the average American. With these certifications, you can average a five to six figure salary. Most low paid MCSA specialist earns more than $54000. Women earn between $41902 and $82407 and make up about 7% of the MCSA specialists. Their male counterparts earn between $46,488 and $90,949.

MCSA study guide and prepare for your exams

Studying is an important part of getting the MCSA certification. The first step includes signing up for the Microsoft Virtual Academy. The academy was developed to provide training and skills to people interested in learning about Microsoft technology. The academy is equipped with numerous helpful materials including presentations and videos covering diverse topics. In addition, the academy provides information about the course information and examinable content.

To get your study schedule a step ahead, you need to use study guides and revision guides to help you in learning and preparing for your examinations.

Another important way to prepare for your exams is by joining a Microsoft MCSA forum where you will interact with other learners and professionals with whom you can share knowledge, skills, and ideas. These discussions will help you identify how others have prepared for these exams and the resources they used to pass their exams.

Testking is a good source of such training materials. Testking provides top-level training material for MCSA 2016 that you can easily download from their website. These materials provide you with all the resources you require to prepare for your exams. These materials include question and answers products, study guides, simulation labs, and audio exams. With these materials, you will be fully equipped to tackle your MCSA certification exams on your first attempt.

Take practice tests, which will familiarise you with the exam format. Practice tests from Testking will give you a clear idea of how much you know and what areas you are not knowledgeable in.

With Certification and Exam services, you don’t need any study guides!!

The benefit of using Testking when preparing for your MCSA exams lies in the fact that they update their resources on a regular basis. These resources are also based on previous examinations and the answers are tested and approved by certified professionals and trainers.

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MSCA Certifcation Made Easy With MCSACertification.ORG

In an ever-changing world, quality certifications are a must for anyone looking to make it big in the IT sector. One of the easiest ways of getting an IT certification is through a certification provider. Not just any certification provider is good for you. When looking for IT certification, it is important to choose a provider that is recognised and reputed by employers and other players in the IT sector.

Why MCSACertification.org?

If you are looking for a way to make your CV stand out, an MCSA certification is your best bet. MSCA stands for a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate, and many employers will look for an IT expert with this certification. Not only will you be an asset to your employer if you have an MSCA certification, but you may also earn yourself a pay rise.

Get your Certification from MCSACertification.ORG

One of the most trusted providers of IT certification is MCSACertification.ORG. Over the years, more and more IT professionals have been able to improve their skills and compete in a flooded market thanks to the company. All you have to do is sign up on our official website today!

How Does Our Certification System Work?

Getting MSCA certified is as easy as providing us with your information and the kind of certification you need. We have a range of certifications to choose from, and you may choose one or more from the list. You will also be required to make a deposit before we assign your exam to one of our test administrators. Afterward, you will pay the remaining amount and get your certificate sent to you within 5 days.

A Microsoft MSCA certification could be the break you need to make it big in your career. Choose our affordable and hassle-free certification system to make this big step!

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